BCCG Trade Group

BCCG Group Box Breaks

As often as we can we try to hold a group box break. Here are the rules.

Group break rules.

1. Everyone must pay in order to be included in the break. Money must be sent to the person doing the box break by the break date.

2. Once everyone has paid, a draft order will be created.

3. The draft will start after the boxes have been opened, and your draft choice will be used if your team gets a hit.

4. A "hit" is any card that is AUTOGRAPHED or GAME USED.

5. Any other card common or insert will be given to the members team.

6. Any hit not associated with any members team will be put into the draft pool.

7. The draft will resume with members then selecting cards from the draft pool until the draft is complete or the cards are gone.

8/31/11 - there are no box breaks currently scheduled